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About the project...

The new communication paradigm, generated by media convergence, has no National borders. For that reason, it is momentous to promote the creation of synergies among different countries and actors and interchange of practices to develop media literacy.Our project aims at promoting media literacy and critical thinking skills which raise awareness of media manipulation and providing the participants with the knowledge and power for efficient and safe use of media outlets.To solve the media literacy problems, the coordinator (Lithuania) decided to collaborate with 4 other schools from Portugal, Croatia, Turkey and Italy, which attach importance to media literacy and conducting studies to tackle with the problem to enable pupils to become more conscious media consumers having the ability of critically thinking.

All partner schools have some initiatives at local level but there are few cases where a local activity has been extended to all the nations or outside national borders. By dint of this project, media literacy promoting activities will have European stardom, which will increase their visibility and effectiveness.The target audience of the project is students, teachers, parents, local people, neighbouring schools, local authorities, media itself, policy makers. In total 72 teachers who constantly strive for their own professional development and 144 students aged between 14-17 will participate in 5 Learning/ Teaching/Training activities (LTTs).Each LTT will serve the purposes of attaining the project goals.

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