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We finally met!

Fake news fighters.jpg

After a long wait, courtesy of the pandemic, we were finally able to meet for the first time. Our coordinator from Lithuania organised a wonderful meeting where we hung out and worked together under the topic “Fake News Fighters”. Students and teachers were divided in multinational groups that performed different tasks, including an e-magazine and discussed how Fake News can be spotted and fought. The meeting was held in Alytaus Adolfo Ramanausko-Vanago gymnasium, in Alytus, Lithuania. Alongside with the tasks, we had a very strong cultural programme, which included a visit to a local radio station, a welcome ceremony at Alytus City Hall, a visit to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, among others. All in all, it was a wonderful meeting, where our students engage in all activities enthusiastically while learning a few more things about each other, their countries, customs and traditions, as well as becoming more aware to the dangers of fake news and how to fight them. A special thanks to our Lithuanian hosts, who were outstanding in the way they made us feel at home. Ačiū!!!!!

Our next stop will be in Portugal, in March 2022, let’s hope all goes well until then.

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